Friday, 16 January 2015

Vietnamese Women's Museum Arts & Culture

The Vietnam Women's Fine Arts Museum, a museum in the system of Vietnam's national museums,is considered as a museum that occupies the most important position in maintaining and promoting the treasures of Vietnamese Women's cultural and artistic heritage. Visitors to the Museum can appreciate and understand the entire history of Vietnamese fine arts through the collections and exhibitions on display. The presentation of our permanent collections of important works of Vietnamese Women's art offer the public unique insights into the culture and history of the Vietnam's ethnic communities.

Vietnam Women’s Museum is located on Ly Thuong Kiet Street, 500 m from Hanoi’s Old Quarters. Founded in 1987, the museum is known as the Gender museum, which researches, preserves and displays tangible and intangible cultural heritages of Vietnamese women as well as the Vietnam Women’s Union.

The Vietnam Women Fine Arts Museum is a cultural information and educational institution, directly affiliated with the Ministry of Culture and Information, with the function of conserving and exhibiting historic and contemporary art works, archaeological and historical materials, and objects important to the history and nation of Vietnam Women.

The Southern Women’s Museum in Ho Chi Minh City is dedicated to the role played by the women of Vietnam Women in the defense of the nation and their contribution to its development. It also serves as a center for cultural and educational activities for women in the city.The Southern Women’s Museum is housed in a building that was once the house of Nguyen Ngoc Loan. He was a Director General of Police of the Saigon Government. It became the Traditional House of Southern Women in 1984.

The Hanoi Women's Museum Nestled in a leafy courtyard at 36 Ly Thuong Kiet street, the new Women's Museum is an eye-catching green structure with a grand entryway that seems fitting for the first national museum of this type in Vietnam Women. Although it opened last October, the galleries are not yet holiday destinations and full of visitors.

Ton Duc Thang Museum This Museum is dedicated to the life and times of the first president of unified Vietnam Ton Duc Thang. It is located near the Ba Son Shipyard where he once worked as a mechanic. The Ton Duc Thang Museum was inaugurated on August 20th 1988 to commemorate his centennial birth anniversary. It is located in the former home of Tran Thien Kiem, who was the premier of the former government of South Vietnam.

The War Crimes Museum tells the story of the war between the North and American supported South Vietnam Women in graphic detail. Most of the exhibits relate to the American phase of the war. The War Crimes Museum is housed in a series of warehouses, although a new museum building is currently under construction. When inaugurated in 1975, the museum was called The House for Displaying War Crimes of American Imperialism and the Puppet Government.

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