Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The Most Popular Historical Places in India

India is a land with a rich and varied history. Many different rulers, dynasties, and empires have fought over and controlled different parts of the Indian subcontinent during its eventful history. The various rulers and dynasties left behind their legacy in the form of grand monuments and buildings, in different historical places in India.These historical places in India have a story of their own and a visit to them can prove to be a life changing experience. Some monuments like the Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, Golconda fort, and the Golden Temple are intensely researched but there are others places with precious little information.

India is rich in culture,tradition and heritage buildings, temples, forts and palaces. The Famous Indian Monuments Old Goa Churches,The Taj Mahal, Qutab minar, Charminar, Red fort and Jantar mantar are the few most popular visited Heritage Sites in India. These Historical Monuments are the only wealth of Indian tourism along with other World Heritage Sites and Nature tourism places like wild parks and ancient temples of south India.                                                                

Khajuraho temple

Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh, is known for its exotic sculptures and is considered one of the most popular destinations for honeymoon for the newlyweds in India. The place is a perfect blend of natural beauty and architectural excellence. Khajuraho has got stone famous temples with elaborate and sensual carvings, thus the couples consider this place to be the most enchanting one to start their conjugal life.

Qutub Minar

Qutub Minar About 15 km south of Delhi, in Mehrauli, this 238 feet and 1 inch high Minar has been referred to as "one of the wonders of world". This soaring tower of victory was built immediately after the defeat of the last Hindu Kingdom in Delhi. Qutb-ud-din Aibak laid its foundation in 1200 A.D. Iltutmish added three more storeys. After damaged by lightning in 1368 A.D. Firuz Shah Tughlaq rebuilt the fourth story, added the fifth and a harp shaped cupola.

Victoria Memorial

Victoria Memorial is a huge building dedicated to the remembrance of Queen Victoria and is covered in white marble. The structure stands on a ground beside the bank of river Hoogly in Kolkata (Calcutta) in the state of West Bengal, India.Queen Victoria touched room temperature in January 1901 following which the then Viceroy of India Lord Curzon commanded construction of this gigantic hall.

Sanchi Stupa

Sanchi is famous for outstanding specimen of Buddhist art and architecture, belonging to the period between the third century BC and the twelfth century AD. The most important destinations of all the Sanchi monuments is the Sanchi Stupa. Stupas are large hemispherical domes, containing a central chamber, in which the relics of the Buddha were place.

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