Friday, 2 January 2015

2015 Carnival Event in Rio De Janeiro

Rio Carnival is always celebrated the weekend before the beginning of Lent. This means that in 2015, Carnival will run from Friday 13 February to Tuesday 19 February. We run tours in to and out of Rio Carnival with Carnival Event extensions that offer unbeatable value. You can also attend Carnival Event on one of our stand-alone 5-day Add-on packages.

Carnival Event (or in Portuguese: Carnaval) is the worldwide best known outing of Brazilian most popular culture. Carnival is even that important to Brazilians that a year is being divided into two parts: before and after Carnaval.After New year, everyone in Brazil will be preparing for the Carnival event. In January and February not much else of any significance happens; to Brazilians, the year 2015 will actually start after Carnival.                                            

The most famous Carnaval in Brazil is of course the one in Rio de Janeiro. However, also in Rio de Janeiro there are several ways to celebrate the festival.On our website you`ll find all information about Carnival Event in Rio de Janeiro.Here you'll find all 2015 Rio Carnival events celebration, venues, Rio Carnival's history, 2015 Rio Carnival Event tickets, costumes for the 2015 Samba Parade and Sambodromo information, accomplished with insiders´ recommendations.You can book your hotel for the 2015 Carnival in Rio de Janeiro and listen to the Rio Carnival samba songs.

Sambadrome The main event at Rio Carnival Event is the Samba parades held at the purpose-built stadium called the Sambadrome. Here the best Samba schools will compete with outrageous, colourful costumes, dance routines, drum rhythms and floats. Find out more about what Sambadrome is and the layout of the stadium to see where you will be sitting.

In addition to the main Samba parade the carnival balls are a highlight of many travellers' experience of Rio Carnival Event. Luckily you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a great time. Tickets to most balls will cost you around US$70 to US$150 and you can book in advance online or with the help of your hotel.

Street parties in Rio start weeks before the Carnival Event and are characterized by loud music. Every night gives life to more than 300 different parties, attracting cariocas and tourists. The Rio Carnival 2015 will provide you with the incredible chance to observe the most sophisticated samba groups with their spectacular floats and a number of revelers in their outrageous outfits.

If you're short of time or not planning to combine Rio Carnival with a South America tour, we have short and sweet 5-day packages to choose from. Accommodation in Rio de Janeiro is hard to come by over Carnival dates, but our long-standing relationship with hotels means we can offer these packages at unbeatable prices giving you the best value.

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