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Most Famous Native Tribe of Africa

There are many different people groups and native tribes across the continent of Africa with their culture varying from tribe to tribe. We have included only a few on this page and will be adding to the list regularly.The native tribes of Africa are as varied as the lands they have roamed for millennia. Though the culture on the continent has evolved especially over the last two hundred years tribal influence remains a part of Africa.

Africa has an estimated total of 3,000 native tribes, all of which incredibly vary in terms of language and culture. The continent itself might have evolved greatly in the past two millennia, but tribal influences continue to be a dominant force in most parts. And even though the split up between native tribes has lessened over the years, tribal people still stand as a prevailing source of pride among the natives.      
Chaga tribe

The Chaga tribe from Tanzania. Traditionally, this tribe inhabit the Eastern slopes of Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro, and are mainly concentrated around Moshi in Tanzania. In Tanzania, they are regarded as the first native tribe to embrace Christianity during the colonial times, which in turn gave them a better access to advanced health care and education in Tanzania.

Afar Tribe

The Afar are a people of East Africa from about 4,276,867 of them in Ethiopia, 459,874 in Eritrea and 483,500 in Djibouti. Their number is estimated at 5 million and half people. They are predominantly Sunni Muslim faith and speak a Cushitic language, the Afar language. This people is also called dankali, named after the eponymous depression.

Bambara Tribe

The Bambara are a large Mande racial group located mostly in the country of Mali. They are the largest and most dominant group in that country. Across the border in Mauritania, there are about 1000 Bambara living near the town of Timbedra. The Bambara live in the middle valley of the Niger River.The Bambara speak "Bamana", which is one of the Manding languages. Bamana is widely spoken in Mali, especially in the areas of business and trade.


The Fulani peoples (also known as Fulbe or Peuls ) live in West African culture. They are among the most widely dispersed and culturally diverse peoples in all of Africa. Many Fulani trace their beginnings back one thousand years to the Senegambia area. By the eighteenth century some had migrated as far east as the Niger and Benue Rivers (now in Nigeria).


The Samburu tribe lives north of the equator in the geographically fascinating Rift Valley province of Northern Kenya. The Samburu people are closely related to the Maasai tribe who also live in East Africa. Both these native tribes speak a similar language, derived from Maa, the Samburu tribe speaks Samburu.

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