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Popular Erotic Art of Khajuraho Temple of India

The Khajuraho Temples in Madhya Pradesh are amongst the most beautiful medieval monuments in India. Originally a group of 85, they are the largest group of Hindu and Jain Khajuraho temples in the world, although only about 25 of them remain today. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, they have awed generations of people with their architectural brilliance, intricate carvings and, most famously, their erotic sculptures.

These Khajuraho temples took almost 200 years to become completed from the 9th through the 13th centuries.They were built from the Chandella rulers within the Indo Aryan Nagara style of architecture. However, only 20-22 of the 85 Khajuraho temples, have survived the ravages of your time. Khajuraho Temple , also known as Khajuravahaka, was the cultural capital of the Chandellas and the village derived its name from your abundance of ‘Khajura’ or date palm trees there. Actually the whole area was supposedly enclosed with a wall with eight gates with two golden date palms adorning each.                    
Matangeswar Temple

The Matangeswar Temple is dedicated to lord Shiva and is adjacent to the Laxman temple. This is the only ancient temple where Pooja or religious ceremonies are performed which is not possible in any other temples due to their dilapidated state. A yellow flag fluttering on top of the temple indicated that a ceremony is underway in the temple of india. The main attractions of this temple are the eight feet long Shiva Lingam and the ten day fair held here during the festival of Shivaratri.

Dulhadev Temple

Dulhadev Temple is the last temple of Khajuraho Temple and is exquisitely carved with images of Apsaras or heavenly nymphs. The Khajuraho temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is located near the Ghantai temple. The interior of the temple has a Shiva Lingam or the phallic symbol of Shiva who is considered as the god of destruction by Hindus.

Devi Jagdambā Temple

This temple is located on the western side of the site and is a place of worship for goddess Kali. According to some sources the temple started as a place for worship of Vishnu but was later converted. This temple also has some erotic carvings; however they are located on the highest of the three houses of it.

Pārsvanath Temple

The Pārsvanath Temple is the largest of the Jain temples of its kind and one which has been heavily renovated. This temple has the least erotic art compared to all other temples in Khajuraho Temple; however is noted for its carvings of Sura Sundaries (heavenly nymphs) in various enticing positions. Even though this is a Jain temple it also has carvings depicting various Hindu gods and goddesses.

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