Sunday, 24 January 2016

Most Important National Festival of Kerala

Festivals in Kerala are always celebrated with much pomp and show. The festive seasons display the best of Kerala’s rich culture and heritage. You will not want to miss the vibrant colours, exotic fragrances, scintillating music, and century long traditions that set each festival apart from the other.

Kerala hosts almost all Hindu, Christian and Muslim festivals with the same enthusiasm and charm. Festivals of Kerala are famous also because they involve various aspects of day to day life such as temple, boat, bamboo etc.                        

Onam, the national festival of Kerala, is undoubtedly the king of festivals in the state. It is the largest ted day harvest festival celebrated in the month of Chingam in Malayalam Calendar and August-September in English Calendar. There is an old legend associated with Onam. Once a generous king named Mahabali ruled Kerala and perfect harmony and prosperity prevailed during his reign.


Among the various Hindu festivals in Kerala, Vishu occupies a unique position in more than one respect. As symbol of the unostentatious Malayali, Vishu is free from the usual pomp and show and merry-making associated with other festivities.

Kerala Boat Festivals

Kerala is famous for its backwater rides, the main highlights of the state. The beautiful river, lakes and Arabian Sea are all the part of these backwater rides, where you can also visualise the boat festivals of Kerala. Boat Festival is enhanced with different sizes of the boats, where you can see the team spirit among participants, great enthusiasm among the riders and people cheering each other all around the place.


Easter is celebrated worldwide to signify the resurrection of Jesus Christ. As the Christians in Kerala account for about 23% of the state’s population, Easter is observed with the same fervour as in the west and is marked by four distinct periods.

Thrissur Pooram

Kerala is land of temples and temple festivals. If you visit Kerala during the period of January to April, you can watch numerous festivals related to famous temples throughout the state. Thrissur pooram is the most famous among them. This wonderful and vibrant festival, celebrated in the Malaylam month of Medam or generally in April or May, attract even foreign tourists at Vadakkumnathan Temple in Thrissur, Kerala.

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