Monday, 6 July 2015

Most Famous Classical Dance of Assam

Dances of Assam have been the most important and most long standing tradition in Assamese culture. Assam has people belonging to many tribes, and each tribe have their own unique dance. Some tribe have dances for different occasions as well. The best places to witness their dances are in the many festivals taking place throughout the year. People of Assam consider their dances more than just a medium of expression, more than a medium of entertainment, dances are a part of their religion and believes. Apart from famous folk dances like Bihu Dance, the classical dance of Assam named Sattriya Dance which is one of the eight distinguished Indian classical dance.

The best manifestation of the culture and tradition of a particular place. The best example to this statement can be seen in the various ethnic dance forms that are prevalent in the different corners of Assam. The state is home to a number of indigenous tribes and races, each of which has its own fairs and festivals. This has led to the propagation of innumerous dance forms throughout the region. The different dance forms in the state can be broadly categorized under two headings, classical dances and folk dances.                                                  
Sattriya Dance

Bihu dance is the most important folk dance of Assam. It receives its name after the famous Bihu festival of Assam of which, it is the main attraction. The dance is performed by both young men and young women. The dance is performed accompanied by Bihu folk music based on love theme which are generally dominated by men, though there are songs that are sung by women as well, Bihu dance is characterized by quick dance movements, swift hand steps and rhythmic swaying of the hips. Different tribes have made slight variation in the dance and have named it after their tribe like Garo Bihu Dance, and Khasi Bihu Dance.

Bihu Dance

Dance forms in India know no boundaries of caste and creed as they depict oneness of the nation. They may have originated in different states of the country but all of them symbolize the joy and liveliness of a certain event. Bihu is a popular folk dance associated with the state of Assam in India and it is performed generally during the Bihu festival. There are primarily three Bihu festivals that are popular in Assam namely Rongali Bihu, Kongali Bihu and Bhogali Bihu and the Bihu dance is performed during the Rongali Bihu.

Bhaona Dance

This dance form is basically performed in the village Namghars and Satras, in order to promote the Vaishnavite culture tourism in Assam. It is actually a theatrical depiction of the one-act play Ankiya Nat, initiated by Sankardeva. An integral part of the dance is the Sutradhara, who recites the slokas, sings, dances and explains the various stages of Bhaona in detail. Another form of dance included in Bhaona is the Natuwa or Cali dance.

Bodo's Bagurumba Dance

Bodo community has many folk dances to boast. Among them the best and the most attractive is the Bagurumba dance. This is mainly a formation dance with slow steps and outstretched hands. About a score of girls dressed in most colourful attire perform this dance to the accompany- merit of Bodo traditional musical instruments. A tourist in Assam can see this dance in the Bodo inhabited areas of Kokrajhar, Bongaigaon, Nalbari, Darrang and Sonitpur districts.


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