Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Most Popular Honeymoon Places In Africa

The South African honeymoon places is perfect for the couple looking for solitude and pampering after many months of hectic wedding planning. In South Africa, honeymoons places can be spent in any number of exotic locations, so the only decision newlyweds need to make is whether to stay in one place or several. Whether you are looking for a honeymoon places where you can witness some of the world’s most captivating wildlife encounters, spend the night under the stars or stay where the celebrities feel at home, the best round up of Africa’s top honeymoon destinations  has something for everyone.  If you think of any other romantic destinations in Africa.

The most popular honeymoon places in South Africa include Cape Town, a city splendidly displayed against the backdrop of Table Mountain. The city itself and the area surrounding it offers a host of unique activities and experiences on offer. The Garden Route, with its sandy beaches and rugged mountain scenery is another favorite with honeymooners visiting the part of the world. In addition to these two areas, which are located in the southern part of South Africa, the Big Five safari
areas also offer incredible honeymoon places.              

Zanzibar, Tanzania

African romantic destinations have the coastal or historical appeal of Zanzibar, a white-sand archipelago off the coast of Tanzania whose historic district of Stone Town is one of East Africa's few remaining ancient cities and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Curious couples should consider heading to Nungwi, a quiet touristy village on the northern tip of Unguja Island where they can spend their post-nuptial days relaxing next to the turquoise waters, cruising through vibrant mangroves, and exploring the delightful "ghost islands" that appear during low tide.

Mombasa, Kenya

The ultimate in beach seclusion, you may want to consider the Tijara Beach. It’s completely exclusive with only 8 guests staying at the retreat at any one time. There  are just 4 comfortable cottages dotted with the stunning gardens with uninterrupted views of the ocean from every room.


An underexplored region of Africa attraction, this former Portuguese colony has some of the best beaches in the continent, due to the position of the island of Madagascar, which creates a strait of warmer waters just off the coastline. Mozambique has a tropical climate that guarantees sunshine all year round, ideal for couples looking to escape to sunny destinations.


An off-the-beaten track destination, ideal for couples in search of a true African experience without overcrowding. This former German colony is divided into five distinct geographical areas, each featuring characteristic flora and fauna: a perfectly varied holiday in one of the most striking landscapes of the continent, including the Kalahari desert, where you will be able to experience the most beautiful of African sunsets.

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