Thursday, 19 February 2015

Guide To Family For African Safari Tours

Going on a family safari in Africa will be one of the most rewarding and exciting vacations you'll ever take. But, taking your family on safari in Africa isn't cheap so you want to pick the right safari tour, and country, in order to get the most out of it. This article will help you plan the right safari for your family and offers tips on keeping the children happy en route, as well as specific family-friendly safari recommendations.

The best place to go on a family safari is South Africa , especially for families with young children. The roads are excellent which means you can rent your own car and thus set your own schedule. Flexibility is key when you have little children. You can make stops when you want, return to your hotel when they tire and plan the length of your own drives around the wildlife parks.South Africa also has plenty of smaller, private wildlife parks where you can see a lot of animals in a short amount of time. These private game parks often have comfortable accommodations with swimming pools and buffet lunches and dinners. The Garden Route and Eastern Cape in South Africa Destinations is filled with beaches and game parks in close-proximity, a winning combination with children.                                                                          

Best Safari Tours in africa

River's Edge Safari Tours

River's Edge is now even wilder with the addition of three new animal habitats which opened on Saturday, June 7, 2014. Purina Painted Dog Preserve will feature a species that hasn't been seen at the Zoo since the 1950s—the painted dog, or African wild dog. Sun Bear Forest and Andean Bear Range will be the new homes for Malayan sun bears and Andean bears.

Sunway Safaris Tours

Looking for a quality small group safari vacation in Southern Africa at an affordable price, with knowledgeable guides and likeminded travellers? Sunway has been creating memories for adventurous Africa travellers for more than 20 years.We specialise in value for money small group camping safaris and accommodated tours that include natural wildlife safaris, walking and trekking holidays, cultural tours, safari holidays and overland journeys. Please visit the African Destinations page for more information on the different countries we visit.

Extreme Zoo Safari Tours

From the rarest to one of the most venomous and the tallest to the smallest, meet the most extreme animals in the Zoo! Your guide will introduce you the largest venomous snake in the world, the largest lizards in the world and other intriguing reptiles at the Herpetarium. Compare your jump to one of the longest leapers in the world at the Primate House. See the rarest and biggest exotic cats at Big Cat Country, and discover creatures great and small at Red Rocks.

Kenya & Tanzania Safari tours

kenya and Tanzania: the very words evoke a bygone era of romance and adventure seas of golden grass swaying beneath a far-off blue horizon, great herds of migrating wildebeest and zebra traversing the savanna amid rocky outcrops and spreading acacia trees, nights spent gazing into crackling campfires under skies crowded with stars, days on safari beholding the timeless drama of predator and prey, the circle of life, unfolding rhythmically on one of earth’s last, great wild stages.This experience of Africa at its most primal still exists and is waiting to be discovered once more, on the Ultimate Kenya & Tanzania Safari.

Namibia Wildlife Safari tours

Namibia is soul-stirring. Here on the southwest edge of Africa, orange sand dunes rise a thousand feet high against a cobalt sky. The coastal desert is washed by the relentless ocean, while inland the sun bakes the plains into a cracked puzzle of dried mud, pocked with grass and thornbush. There is water here, too, though its presence is subtle. It is the source of life in the stark Etosha salt pan, whose waterholes attract fantastic numbers of game, including feline predators. Springbok, oryx, kudu and dik-dik run to elude them, in a great and ancient desert dance.

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