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French Cultural Music And Dance

Take this opportunity to become a bit more immersed in the French culture. Learn about the French culture with information about the French alphabet, holidays, music, dance, art, sports, food, and more.Music and dance of France has further been enriched through the influences of Africa, Latin America and Asia. The folk tunes of these continents have added the requisite fizz to create the music dance of France as dynamic because the country itself. Because of so many different inputs, culture of France leaves its mark about the overall cultural scenario of Europe.      
Dance and Music of France there are 4,300 institutions that specialize in music dance. France Cultural  is known for developing ballet. The first ballet in France was performed in 1518 and was called the Ballet Comique de la Reine. This famous ballet was performed in the court of Catherine de Medicis. This ballet fused various elements like music dance, dance, plot and design. Another major development in the history of dance took place in 1661, when Louis XVI established the Academie Royale de Danse. The company is now known as the Paris Opera Ballet. This company dominated European theatrical dance during the 18th and early 19th centuries.                                                            

French Cultural Music

The lengthy history of French music begans back in the 10th century with court songs and chivalrous music. Much of France's early folk music was instrumental, with very few and very simple instruments; but there was a group of poet-composers who began their work around the 10th century as well. From this point forward, France has an illustrious musical history, ranging from opera to classical, to pop and rock in the 20th century.In order to do justice to French musicdance, one would have to write an entire series of books on each type of music in the history of music in France. Here, a short summary can pique your appetite.The first operas appeared culture tourism in France during the mid-17th century. While the first operas were experimental, opera was soon met with considerable enthusiasm in Paris, especially the operas based on the Italian opera of the time. During the reign of Louis XIV, Italian-style opera began to flourish in France.

French Cultural Dance

French are by nature very fond of music and dance, and are credited to invent several of world-famous dances. France is known to invent Ballet dances way back in 1581. The French king Louis XIV passion for dances led to the establishment of the Académie Royale de Danse, which contributed significantly to development of new dance style and technique in the late 17th and early 18th century Europe. Ballroom and square dances also grew in popularity in France during this period.France has a very rich and varied dance tradition and almost every region of France has its own distinct forms of music and dances. Traditional folk dances and music are well preserved in several relatively isolated regions in the south France.If you've some basic knowledge of French art and musicdance, you must be familiar with some of the basic dance forms, such as Waltz, Polka, Mazurka, Marche, Scottish, Rondeau and the Bourree. Carols and Baroque dances are other popular traditional dances in France.

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