Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Introduction To Dartmoor Zoological Park

Dartmoor Zoological National Park in the South West of England is the most southerly of Britain’s National Parks ( See in the Google Map at bottom ). It’s home to 368 square miles of ruggedly beautiful moorland, ancient ruins, wooded valleys and magnificent wildlife. Take a trip to the zoo with a difference. Dartmoor Zoological encloses some of the wildest, bleakest country in England: suitable terrain for The Hound of the Baskervilles one of Sherlock Holmes’ more notorious foes.                

There are over 200 animals at Dartmoor Zoological Park: from tiny stick insects to Ben our Brown Bear or Solomon our Lion all set in over 30 acres of beautiful parkland. Discover something different, learn something amazing and help us make tomorrow's world rich in animal life.You may of seen us on the BBC2 documentary series "Ben's Zoo" come and join us and try and spot some of the animals featured in the programme.We are open daily from 10am all year round. It is a wonderful place to bring children. Come and see the animals and enjoy new our new restaurant with-far reaching views, and delicious healthy food.

Set in 33 acres of beautiful woodland with some stunning views of the surrounding countryside, Dartmoor Zoological Park is a unique family owned zoo with a fantastic collection of animals. These include tigers, lions, jaguar, lynx and cheetah (the largest collection of big cats in the region), bears, wolves, tapir, capybara, racoons, meerkats, monkeys, a fantastic collection of bugs and reptiles and much more.
We work very hard to ensure that the development of the zoo does not have an adverse effect on the beautiful woodland environment which makes it quite unique among zoos

If you’ve read the book or seen the movie We Bought A Zoo, you’ll have some idea what Benjamin Mee and his family went through when they decided to take on this quirky dartmoor zoological park back in 2006. Despite having no experience in running a zoo or caring for wild animals, the Mee family were determined to preserve the park and its animals. And after a few teething problems including a big cat escaping they re-opened the doors to the public and re-instated a wonderful attraction tucked away in the scenic South Hams.

We have regular daily events such as public talks at feeding times, animal encounters and special activities for the kids during the holidays such as quiz-trails and face-painting. Our restaurant is a great place to stop off for a coffee and cake or a freshly cooked lunch and there's space set aside for the under-fives to roll around with toys.

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